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About us

Vlassis Architectural Office was founded by Dimitris Vlassis in 1969, having just completed his studies at NTUA.

As well as joining teams of architects participating in major public works competitions – with the respective awards – he focused his individual activity on medium-scale issues
That is, dwellings and small residential complexes for dining and entertainment, boutiques and other shops, hotels and furnished apartments, churches and monuments, interior design and furniture design.

Starting from the first documented scripting, we always aim with a thorough implementation study, to the final delivery of the building with the stamp of our personal care to the last detail.

We seek in each of our architectures beyond originality identity and citizenship to adapt to the natural but also to the built environment either by helping to preserve the character of a former industrial area or by incorporating it into the simplicity of a traditional settlement - even exaggerating it.

We are transforming the traditional rational structure, but we also serve today's needs

We realize the vision of the owners whether this leads us to modernism or to the postmodern

We showcase architectures on small plots with clever layouts or mobile elements that give flexibility to uses all the time with the right cost-effectiveness, appreciating conditions and materials and, of course, with our own stamp

In 1990 - anticipating the need for new dining areas - we designed emblematic Athens restaurants. either in new spaces - mainly shopping malls - or recreating famous post-war hangouts by proposing dares in both layout and design, not always readily acceptable, however creating new 'fixed' dining areas from the northern suburbs to the beach

We run everything from designing furniture to the overall design style, to the usability and - most importantly - to the cost.

In 2004, the office was strengthened by Alexandros Vlassis, who now manages the office.

Among the hotel studies of the office is the design of the new wing of the Pentelikon Hotel with underground garages, and the redevelopment of the traditional section, restaurants, rooms, corridors, meeting rooms and the design of the Pentelikon Estate Event & Dining Rooms.

Finally, the modern expression of the Orthodox Church, in studies of public works, donations and private chapels, has a special place in our architecture.

Our team

We create architectural creations that fit the context and expectations of each project.

Alexandros Vlassis

Interior Designer

Dimitris Vlassis


Maria Grigoriadoy

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